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Musical Theatre’s Enriching Benefits For Children

Many of us can think back to a time in our childhood when we first experienced, or maybe fell in love with, a theatrical performance. For some, it may have been a special night out at the local theatre to watch their rendition of a famous musical, for others it could have been at a high school production. Whatever the show, and wherever the setting, theatre can have life long positive impacts on children.

Early Exposure

Beyond the thrill of the sets, lights, costumes, voices, and music, musical theatre offers intrinsic benefits to the growing mind of the young. Children at an early age respond to the music they hear and the action they see, they can dance and mimic expressions and become totally engulfed in the spectacle of human art.

For children who are exposed to theatre performances, the benefits are countless. Understanding storylines, memorizing songs, developing the ability to empathize and to feel connected to what is being played out on stage are all important aspects of learning that can prepare them for future endeavors as they grow.

Benefits Of Participation

But for the children who are encouraged to take part in theater, drama, and musical theatre productions, the interpersonal benefits are unsurpassed. Studies have shown that children who participate in theatre on any level have increased self-esteem. Self-esteem is rooted in self-confidence, which can be boosted by engaging in activities that force us to actively participate.

Increased Confidence

Acting, dancing, and singing all force participants to step outside of their comfort zone in a positive and exciting way. Having the ability to perform in front of an audience promotes confidence that continues to prove useful throughout a child’s lifetime. Through performance exercises and training, children gain tools that aid them in maneuvering through many of life’s challenges.

Development Of Self-Control

Having confidence is important to be able to fully participate in activities, and self-control is equally important to the enjoyment of activities. Musical theatre and the arts provide children with a skill set that allows them to understand and demonstrate self-control. Self-control is key in learning, as well as in relating to and with others. Through the discipline offered in musical theatre, children learn that they are in control of their thoughts, words, and actions, giving them the confidence needed to engage in activities throughout their lives.

Bring The Power Of Musical Theatre To Your Child

Musical theatre is more than singing and dancing and reciting well-rehearsed lines. It provides a platform for children where confidence and self-control are learned through the beauty of songs, dance, and acting. Being exposed to the theatre at any age and on any level of participation proves beneficial for a growing child. Broadway For Babies invites you to learn more about the enriching world of musical theatre for your child and for your entire family.

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