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Celebrate Your Child's Birthday Party During Stay at Home Orders

As many states extend the stay at home orders, your child's birthday party may not look the same way this year. Parents are trying to figure out ways to make their child's birthday special without breaking any stay at home orders during the COVID-19 crisis. Your child may be disappointed they won't have a traditional party, it's still possible to put together a fun birthday.

Go Big on Decorations

Make it a festive atmosphere at home by going big with your decorations. Streamers, balloons, and banners can be just the beginning. Get party supplies like plates, cups, and napkins that say happy birthday. All of these things can add to a fun atmosphere.

Let Your Child Choose the Dinner (don't forget dessert)

Even though you cannot take your child to their favorite restaurant on their birthday, let them choose their dinner. If you feel comfortable, also show your child options from food delivery locations. Or have your child pick from choices that you can make at home.

Also, don't forget dessert! What's your child's favorite dessert? Maybe it's cookies and ice cream. Perhaps it's chocolate cake. Maybe it's a banana split. Whatever that yummy dessert is, make sure you get it for their birthday or make it with them.

Get Others Involved

Even though we are being asked to stay apart, it doesn't mean that we can't join together in some way. Contact your neighbors, friends, and family to see if they would be open to driving by your house to wish your child a happy birthday. You also may want to get everyone on Zoom to sing happy birthday to your child too. One other idea is to reach out to your friends and family online to see if they'd be open to mailing your child a birthday card.

Plan Activities

Figuring out ways to entertain your child from home isn't always easy, especially in such a way that makes it a special birthday event. However, there are a few fun activities you can consider, such as putting together a scavenger hunt where they find little prizes around the house. Another idea is letting them bake their dessert from scratch. Another fun activity is to let your child choose a bunch of their favorite movies and camp out in the living room together.

Your child may be disappointed their birthday party was canceled, but that doesn't mean they can't have a fun birthday. With these tips in mind, you will give them a birthday they will remember for a long time.

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