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About Us

Cadence Collins, Creator & CEO

Cadence Collins, AKA “the baby whisperer” as many parents call her, is thrilled to introduce Broadway for Babies, whose mission is to “Bring the Magic of Broadway to Humans of ALL Ages, Especially Babies.”


A performer at heart, Cadence’s earliest performance was singing to karaoke, while celebrating her 2nd birthday. However, her professional career began at age 14. She now performs regularly throughout NYC. 


Cadence is thrilled she can marry two of her passions, Broadway and Babies. As the creator of Broadway for Babies, LLC, she’s grateful for the opportunity to share her love of Broadway and its music with babies and children.


Cadence looks forward to meeting lots of little ones and joining with them as they celebrate the wonder of singing, dancing and experiencing  the musical magic that is Broadway.

To learn more about Broadway for Babies, please click that contact button!

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