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Fun Summer Activities for Kids During COVID-19

Summertime may be here, but most of us aren't exactly having the summer we planned. The pandemic is still all around us, so the types of activities we usually enjoy this time of year have to be altered or canceled altogether this year. However, despite canceled vacations and camps, it's still possible to have fun this summer and make it one for the memory books.

1) Enjoy water activities.

The public pool may not be open this summer, but that doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy water activities this time of year. If you are still uncomfortable with the possibility of running into crowds, you can always add fun water activities. Start off by going old-school and buy a water sprinkler where you and your kids can run and play inside. Better yet, if you have the yard space, get a kiddie pool and splash around together. Finish off the day with water guns and play water tag.

2) Plan outings.

If your summer trip has been canceled, it's still possible to feel like you've been somewhere without leaving your neck of the woods. Your kids are probably antsy to get outside, so plan for things picnics and backyard camping trips. Roast marshmallows and spend the night underneath the stars. Because there are many limitations still in place due to the pandemic, plan things in advance as much as you can.

3) Get exercise together.

Your kids – and you – still need to get some physical activity this summer, even if it's different than other years. Start playing some music and dance together. Consider following along with us at Broadway for Babies because we post regular dance videos for you to learn and dance right along with us. Also, get your bikes out and go for regular bike rides around your neighborhood.

4) Enjoy the movies.

You may not be able to visit a movie theater, but you can still bring the movie atmosphere at home. Get the popcorn and put them inside of fun containers. Grab your favorite drinks and dim the lights. You can even enjoy the theatre in your own home, too, as many of your favorite theatre shows are streaming online.

5) Be a culinary explorer.

Traveling may be restricted, but you can still experience a country without leaving your home. This summer, try out new recipes. Get your kids involved and show them cooking basics. Read about the country you are trying out that week and consider adding décor around your home that is reminiscent of the region you are tasting.

Although it may not be the summer you thought it would be, it can be a summer you will never forget. With these ideas, your kids will look back on this year and remember the time you spent together. Stay in touch with Broadway for Babies and keep your eye out for when our classes open up again.

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