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Here’s To New Experiences: Broadway For Babies

Are you interested in providing a great future for your child? Do you want to help foster their natural abilities – in drama, in music, in art?

Broadway for Babies is part of a broader idea – the idea that you start promoting a person's interest at a very young age. Many expert child psychologists have signed on to the idea, extolling the benefits of a head start for our youngest learners.

In our work with toddlers and youngsters, we see time and again how individuals blossom when their natural abilities are cultivated at a formative age.

You can see this quote from none other than the great showmaster P.T. Barnum which we decided to put on our web site:

“To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter.”

We feel like this statement approaches the idea of what we’re about here, and expresses some of what we feel when we see our little ones both having fun and enriching their knowledge bases. We believe in this potential, and that's why we help families to get their kids involved in activities and events that will show them more about their world and themselves.

Too much of modern society involves what could be called ‘babysitting’ – kids are just warehoused for a length of time, in order to allow their parents to go work and make money. But unless it enriches the child's life, this time could perhaps be better spent.

Take a look at our faculty and how we approach child development, and get your kids involved in something great! We do themed sessions for Halloween and other event-based types of programs, and we also do birthday parties, so ask about party packages as well as classes and more.

For an affordable way to invest in your family's future, check out the range of classes we have available for various ages. You can also get gift cards online for convenience if you want to give the gift of song and dance to a family member. Your kids are going to be excited about becoming part of our musical revues!

Ask owner Cadence Owensby about her philosophy in setting up this Brooklyn-based business. We’ll show you how we have developed our particular curriculum and approach to learning in a fun way, to re-invent what your child’s daily experience looks like – in a good way. Ask about family packages and much more at Broadway for Babies, and take advantage of this opportunity in the Brooklyn borough.

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