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Teaching Broadway - and Acting - to Children: The Value of the Human Spirit

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Too often in today's world, we’re almost exclusively focused on those skills that are easiest to measure and commodify – being good at math, or being a literary genius at a young age.

We sometimes start to ignore some other very important types of skills and experiences that show our human side.

You see this in the commercial world as well – people gravitate toward things that will make money. They value technical testing above intuition and knowledge that’s passed through word of mouth or unusual means.

At Broadway for Babies, we like to get our youngsters involved in the humanities early, because it broadens their horizons and gives them a great set of skills and abilities for later in life. Mommas and dads who are Broadway fans themselves will often like to get the kids introduced to the wonder of the stage early!

Social Skills

As our little learners get introduced to the magic of Broadway, they begin to come out of their shells and interact with others in new ways. Our classes help our students to enjoy new experiences that many of them will remember for the rest of their lives.

It might sound cliché, but some of these experiences will lead to various kinds of success down the road, and not just commercial or vocational success either – encouraging our children's natural creative abilities at a young age can have a dramatic impact on how they develop as adults!

Something to Work Toward

In cultivating a young child's love of art, whether it be music, watercolors, Broadway or anything else, we're giving these young people something to strive for. Where they might otherwise find a vacuum, they find inspiration and motivation to push the envelope and develop their skills further. We like to say that our classes help to develop a particular work ethic that students will also use later in life. But we also inspire! What does your child have a passion for? Have they tried getting introduced to the stage?

Showcasing the Human Spirit

As we mentioned above, the world isn’t all economics. Our students often go on to represent the inherent creativity in our human spirits in secondary school and beyond. Talk to our founder, Cadence Owensby, about how and why Broadway for Babies was set up, and the classes that we offer Brooklyn-area families to get kids into a new set of opportunities. We are excited about working with your family and showing off our own talents and the programs we have set up for your little ones.

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